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Keelung raises the level of abstraction, allowing developers to code at a level closer to applications' business logic than their ZK circuitries

Keelung simplifies building zero-knowledge proofs

Write in Haskell
Keelung is a domain-specific language (DSL) embedded in Haskell. This allows developers to write high-level ZKPs guarded by Haskell’s advanced type system while leveraging the ecosystem and toolings of Haskell.
Flexibility built-in
Build for today, adapt for tomorrow. Don’t be limited by the design choices you make today. Keelung allows you to easily adapt your zero-knowledge components in the future.
Cross-chain compatible
Keelung gives you the flexibility to adjust the downstream proving system targeted by the R1CS circuit. This means you only need to compile one R1CS circuit to take advantage of an entire ecosystem of proving systems.

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